Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines

Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines


Drop in and get stoked for the Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines modular skatepark play set!

Open it up to transform from an ordinary pipe to the ultimate skatepark! Once folded open, you can shred two back-to-back bowls with the exclusive Santa Cruz fingerboard (included). Hit the launch ramp or flat ramp, carve the two bowl corners, shred the tombstone transfer with coping or grind the rail to drop. 

  • Suitable Ages: 6+ years.
  • Includes: 1 Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines Play set, 1 Launch Ramp, 1 Flat Ramp, 1 Tombstone Obstacle, 1 Grind Rail, 1 Assembled Tech Deck, 1 Instruction Sheet
  • Compact Storage: When your session is done, simply fold the play set back into a pipe. Use it for storage for all the included pieces and fingerboard to take it with you to the next session.
  • Exclusive Fingerboard: Add to your fingerboard collection with the exclusive Santa Cruz Skateboards fingerboard included in the set.

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