Venture Awake TM EDT Raw Skateboard Trucks, 5.8

Venture like Independent were founded by Fausto Vitello in the early 80’s and their meteoric rise in popularity shocked everyone. As the original street skating truck ever since the first Mark Gonzales ad appeared some heavy hitting team riders over the years followed suit.

With the Venture V hanger mould, Venture trucks they have an old school feel. The Polished Hi 5.8 trucks are suitable for 8.38″ to 8.6″ size decks.

Venture Trucks Features:
  • Axle: 8.5"
  • Hanger: 5.8″ 
  • Type: Hi
  • Bushings: White
  • Colour: Raw Unpolished
  • Suits Decks: 8.38″ – 8.6″