Powell Peralta Reodriquez SAS OG Skateboard Deck, 10”

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he first pro deck from Powell Peralta, released in 1979 the 'Skull & Sword' has been a staple of Skateboarding for a generation. Ray "Bones" Rodriguez first appeared in 'The Bones Brigade Video Show' in 1984 alongside other legendary skaters such as; Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, and Rodney Mullen. The graphic was initially designed by Ray himself and illustrated by V.C. Johnson with art direction from George Powell in 1979. 


  • Wheelbase 15”
  • Length 30”
  • Width: 10”

When looking for trucks to fit this board get anything that usually fits 8.0” and below if you don’t want over hang. Although this board is over 9” that is just in the belly and tapers in a lot at the nose and tail.

Powell-Peralta™ Re-Issue Construction

Powell-Peralta re-issue decks are close reproductions of their 1980’s counterparts, featuring the original Pro graphics and shape, top graphic logo and concave. They are manufactured in our Santa Barbara skateboard factory, which is still directed by a few of the same craftsmen that made them originally.