Deck Dock Mounting System

Deck Dock Mounting System


Deck Dock is a newly released product designed in Australia for mounting your Skateboard Decks to the wall.The Deck Dock allows you to mount a skateboard deck either temporarily using the removable damage-free tape or permanently using the screws and plugs, all of which are included in the pIf you are a hardcore collector with hundreds of boards or you just want to display your first board, Deck Dock is for you!! If you are renting a property and can't damage the walls you can still proudly display your decks with Deck Dock.

Each Deck Dock pack includes two Deck Dock Wall Mount system blocks and fixtures to install two skateboard decks vertically. A skateboard deck can be installed in under 5 minutes with only the use of a Phillips Head screwdriver. The Deck Dock caters for current and old school truck hole patterns and has a minimalist low profile design that makes the decks look like they are floating.

Removable Tape Mounting
Mounting using the removable non-marking tape allows you to mount the deck temporarily and then remove it without damaging any walls. Using this method you can mount two decks vertically or one deck horizontally, diagonally or any angle you choose.

Plug & Screw Mounting
Mounting using the included plugs and screws allows you to mount two decks either vertically, horizontally or any which way.


  • 2 x Clear Plastic Block
  • 8 x Clear Plastic Screws
  • 4 x Adhesive Stripes
  • 4 x Wall Plugs and Screws
  • 1 x Installation Manual

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